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Thomas Cobb is an American novelist and author of the 1987 novel Crazy Heart[1] which was adapted into the 2010 Academy Award winning 2009 film Crazy Heart.[2][3]

Raised in Tucson, Arizona,[4] Cobb acquired an MFA from the University of Arizona. He earned a PhD from the University of Houston,[5] where he studied fiction writing with Donald Barthelme.[6] Barthelme also advised him on the writing of Crazy Heart.[7]

Thomas Cobb has taught at Eastern Arizona College and in the Arizona State Prison System. Since 1987, he has been a member of the faculty of Rhode Island College and is Professor of English and Director of Performing & Fine Arts Commission. He teaches fiction writing and literature and was the director of the program from 1987 to 2005.[5] In 2010, he received the Rhode Island College Alumni Faculty Award.[8][9]


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