Thomas D'Arcy

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Thomas D'Arcy
BornGuernsey, Channel Islands
OriginToronto, Ontario, Canada
GenresIndie rock
Occupation(s)Musician, producer, engineer
Instrument(s)Vocals, bass
Years active1995–present
LabelsAstralwerks, Boompa, Thomas D'Arcy Music, MapleMusic Recordings, Arts and Crafts

Thomas D'Arcy is a Canadian singer and songwriter born in Guernsey, Channel Islands. D'Arcy's family immigrated to Toronto, Ontario in 1981. He has been a member of indie rock bands The Carnations, All Systems Go!, Small Sins, Another Blue Door, The I-Spies, BROS., k-os, Tommy Hawkins and Major Maker,[1] among others. He is a graduate of philosophy from the University of Toronto.[2]

Artist career[edit]

In 1995, D'Arcy and three high school friends formed The Carnations, with D'Arcy as lead singer and principal songwriter. The band played in nightclubs its members were not old enough to get into (due to the legal drinking age in Ontario being 19). The Carnations wrote and performed the theme song for the MuchMusic show So 90's, and were CFNY 102.1 new rock search finalists.

The Carnations called it quits in 2004 with an announcement on their website. In 2005, D'Arcy conceived Small Sins (formerly known as The Ladies and Gentlemen) as a self-contained solo unit. D'Arcy continued to record under the Small Sins moniker until 2011, when he opted to release solo records under his own name. D'Arcy was the touring bass player for rapper k-os from 2009 to 2014.

Throughout the years, D'Arcy has been commissioned to create music for Canadian advertising campaigns, including for Telus, The Home Depot, Triscuits, Dodge, Bell Canada, Scotiabank, Coca-Cola, Honda, Quaker, Alesse, Walmart, Tetley, Hyundai, Toyota, Sunchips, McDonald's and EOS. D'Arcy has also placed music in over 100 television shows and films. In 2016, D'Arcy provided the musical score for the CBC web series 'My 90 Year Old Roommate.'[3] D'Arcy also wrote and performed the theme song for the CBC children's show 'Ollie: The Boy Who Became What He Ate.'

In 2012, D'Arcy recorded a cover record of the entire Bad Habits album by UK band The Monks. Members of Sloan, The Pursuit of Happiness, Limblifter, The New Pornographers, Change of Heart, The Doughboys and Cursed contributed guest performances to the album, as did John Ford, an original member of the Monks.[4]

In 2014, D'Arcy opened the studio Taurus Recording along with fellow producer/engineer Jon Drew.

In 2016, D'Arcy self-recorded, wrote and produced a six song collaboration with Hawksley Workman under the name Tommy Hawkins called 'Amy.'[5] In 2016, D'Arcy signed a publishing deal with Arts and Crafts records.[6] In 2019, D'Arcy was nominated for a JUNO for Jack Richardson Producer of the Year.[7]

In 2021, D'Arcy revived his pet project, Small Sins with a new 8 song album called 'Volume II'. An alternate orchestral version of the album was also released in April. 2021.

Producer/engineer credits[edit]

Year Artist Project Role Notes
2022 NOBRO Live Your Truth/Shred Some Gnar Producer/Engineer/Writer Dine Alone Records[8]
2022 Whitehorse Summer Wine Engineer Six Shooter Records
2022 Dear Rouge Spirit Producer/Engineer/Writer 'Fake Fame' #1 Canadian Rock Radio
2022 The Sheepdogs Outta Sight Engineer/Mixer Full Length
2022 Jesse Northey Onion Knight Producer/Engineer/Mixer First Full Length
2022 Altameda Born Losers Producer/Engineer Juno Nomination (Adult Alternative Album of the Year)
2021 TWRP New and Improved Engineer Sixth Full Length
2021 k-os Just What I Needed Engineer/Producer/Mixer The Cars (Cover)
2021 The Sheepdogs No Simple Thing Mixer Peak at #2 Canadian Rock Radio
2021 BROS Volume II Producer/Engineer Sheepdogs Side Project
2021 Whitehorse Modern Love Engineer Six Shooter Records
2021 Samantha Martin and Delta Sugar The Reckless One Additional Engineer Juno Nomination (Best Blues Album 2021)[9]
2020 The Trews 1921 Engineer/Producer The Who Cover from Tommy
2020 Rich Aucoin United States Engineer/Overdubs 'How It Breaks' CBC #1
2020 NOBRO Sick Hustle Engineer/Producer Dine Alone Records
2019 Kate Boothman My Next Mistake Engineer/Producer/Writer Second Full Length
2018 Neko Case Hell-On Engineer 'Gumball Blue' NP overdubs
2018 Sleepless Nights Keith Hamilton Engineer/Mixer Cassette
2018 The Sheepdogs Changing Colours Engineer/Producer/Mixer 'Hole Where My Heart Should Be' #1 Canadian Rock Radio
2018 Shad A Short Story About a War Engineer 'All I Need Is Love' feat. Yukon Blonde
2018 Yukon Blonde Critical Hit Engineer/Producer 'Love The Way You Are' CBC #1
2017 Ninja Sex Party Under The Covers Vol. II Engineer Billboard USA No. 1 Independent[10][non-primary source needed]
2017 White Hot Guilt White Hot Guilt - EP Engineer/Producer/Mixer July Talk side project
2017 Thomas D'Arcy Ollie: The Boy Who Became What He Ate Theme Composer/Performer CBC Kids Television[11]
2017 Rich Aucoin Release Producer/Engineer January 2018
2016 Hannah Georgas This Christmas Producer/Engineer/Mixer Amazon X-Mas Exclusive
2016 Tommy Hawkins Amy Producer/Engineer/Mixer/Writer Collaboration w/ Hawksley Workman[12]
2016 My 90-Year-Old Roommate Series Score Composer/Engineer CBC Series[13]
2016 Lanikai EP Writer/Producer/Engineer Second Album in Production[14]
2016 July Talk Touch Additional Production/Arrangements SOCAN No. 1 Song Award (Push + Pull)[15] JUNO Winner Alt Album 2017[16]
2016 Bros Vol. 1 Producer/Engineer/Mixer Theme for CBC Q (Tell Me)[17]
2016 Ninja Sex Party Under the Covers Engineer Billboard USA No. 9 (sales)
2016 Soul Stew Volume III Engineer Soul Covers
2016 TWRP Guardians of the Zone Engineer feat. Ninja Sex Party
2015 AA Wallace In Alpha Zones Engineer Second Album in Production
2015 The Sheepdogs Future Nostalgia Engineer (Back Down) Juno Nomination (Best Rock Album 2016)[18]
2015 TWRP Believe in Your Dreams Producer/Engineer feat. White Hot Guilt
2013 Still Life Still Mourning Trance Producer Arts & Crafts
2013 July Talk July Talk Additional Engineer Juno Winner (Best Alt Album 2015)[19]

Artist discography[edit]

The Carnations[edit]

  • 1997: Superluminal
  • 1998: The Carnations / The Persuasion Split single 7"
  • 1999: A Return to Melody
  • 2000: The Carnations / Nero Split single 7"
  • 2001: The Carnations
  • 2003: In Good Time

Small Sins[edit]

Thomas D'Arcy[edit]

  • 2012: Tribute to the Monks: Bad Habits
  • 2013: What We Want (Thomas D'Arcy Music / MapleMusic Recordings)
  • 2013: The Price You Pay EP
  • 2013: I Wake Up Every Day EP
  • 2014: Songs For A Film That Does Not Exist
  • 2015: Fooled You Twice
  • 2016: Amy (as Tommy Hawkins)
  • 2019: Return to Wherever (credited for his vocals on the track "All Night Together")


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