Thomas Dam

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Thomas Dam
Born (1915-05-15)15 May 1915
Died 12 November 1989(1989-11-12) (aged 74)
Nationality Danish
Occupation Woodcutter

Thomas Dam (15 May 1915 – 12 November 1989) was a Danish woodworker and fisherman who designed and invented the original troll doll also known as the "Good Luck Troll". He created the toy during a period of financial distress, and carved it from wood. Soon, the family had started up a new business and Dam earned enough to buy himself a small factory where the dolls were produced in plastic. Dam created many different trolls as well as plastic baby dolls. Dam formed "Dam Things" to market the dolls. Dam trolls are now considered collectors' items.[1][2][3][4]


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