Thomas Dam

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Thomas Dam
Born (1915-05-15)15 May 1915
Died 12 November 1989(1989-11-12) (aged 74)
Nationality Danish
Occupation Woodworker

Thomas Dam (May 15, 1915 - November 12, 1989) was a Danish baker, fisherman and woodworker who designed and invented the original troll doll also known as the "Good Luck Troll".

During a period of financial distress after the failure of his bakery in Gjøl, Dam created the doll, carving it from wood. Soon, the Dam family had started up a new business and Dam earned enough to buy himself a small factory where the dolls were produced in vinyl. Dam created many different trolls as well as plastic baby dolls. Dam formed a company named Dam Things to market the dolls. Dam trolls, also known in Denmark as Gjøl trolls, are now considered collectors' items.[1][2][3][4]


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