Thomas Dawson (college president)

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Thomas Dawson
4th President of the
College of William & Mary
In office
Preceded byWilliam Stith
Succeeded byWilliam Yates
Personal details
Died(1760-11-29)November 29, 1760
Alma materCollege of William & Mary

Thomas Dawson was an Anglican priest and the fourth president of The College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia (1755–1760).[1] He is also the brother of William Dawson, who was the second president of William & Mary (1743–1752).[2] He was educated at William & Mary and also held several religious positions, including being an Anglican clergyman, rector of the Bruton Parish, and commissary of the Bishop of London. Dawson was also a member of the Governor's Council and master of the Indian School at the College.[1]

In 1752 Dawson married Priscilla Bassett, the daughter of Colonel William Bassett.[2] Dawson died on November 29, 1760, reportedly in Williamsburg.[3]

Dawson and his brother are together namesakes of a residence hall at William & Mary.[4]


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