Thomas Dellert Dellacroix

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Thomas Dellert Dellacroix
Thomas Dellert in Les Miserables 1990.jpg
Thomas Dellert in Les Miserables 1990
Born (1953-07-12) 12 July 1953 (age 65)
Stockholm, Sweden
Nationality Swedish
Education Calle Flygare Teaterskola, Royal Swedish Opera, Royal Dramatic Theatre, Confidencen Royal Court Theatre, The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Known for Conceptual art, Painting, Collage, Installation art, Photography, Short film, Ready mades, Music
Movement Contemporary art, pop art, punk rock, crooner, anti-war movement

Thomas Dellert-Bergh also known as Thomas Dellacroix and Tommy Dollar (born 12 July 1953) is a Swedish multimedia artist, painter, actor, singer, songwriter, poet, film maker, director, photographer, theater costume designer, and set designer.[1]

As a contemporary visual artist he has had over 100 International exhibitions during the last 30 years. He is represented in collections like The Absolut Vodka Collection, The Heinz collection and in several museums, like the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.[2]

Death and fame is a central theme in Dellert's works, and he uses irony and humor mixed with horror as one of his main tools. His work has a strong humanistic approach,and he works with strong images to show the horrors of war and genocide.[3][4][5]

On Stage[edit]

Dellert (standing center) does "Twinkling Stars" by Birgit Ridderstedt with the AlexCab ensemble in 1975.

As an Actor[edit]

Dellert's stage debut (as Thotte Dellert) was in Lars Jacob's cabaret show AlexCab at Stockholm's Alexandra's nightclub in 1975, where Svenska Dagbladet singled out one of Dellert's songs (a Swedish version of Angel Eyes) as the show's best number.[6] That show with Dellert in it was also successful in Gothenburg.[7]

As a musical artist[edit]

Thomas Dellert as Serge Gainsbourg in drag, 2006, by Thomas Dellert-Dellacroix and Agnieszka Dellert-Dellfina

He sang the part of Grantaire in a Swedish version of the musical Les Misérables. [8]

Contemporary fine art[edit]


As an art photographer, he has had as well over 50 international exhibits in museums and galleries, as many international art photography magazine covers, and extensive reportage.[9]

Contemporary, it feels both visually and meaningfully wise. It is an art form on the borderline between reality and illusion."[10] Jan Almlöf, editor in chief of PHOTO (Foto) Scandinavia

Pop art[edit]

Andy Warhol looking at an XYZ-production art work "banana split" in 1980 in The Factory, photo taken by Bruno Ehrs
Enough rope, 1981, 60 x 60 cm, One of the first art works by Thomas Dellert


Thomas Dellert and Rainer Laakso in the art studio XYZ 1980
MMM - Magic, Money, Murder; 2007, 130 x 300 cm, Triptych painting on canvas, by Thomas Dellert-Dellacroix and Agnieszka Dellert-Dellfina

Selected Exhibitions 1981-2011[edit]

Around 100 exhibitions took place around the globe from 1981-2011 in e.g. New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, Paris, London, Berlin, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Stockholm…

Personal life[edit]

Thomas Dellert was born in Stockholm. His mother Kjerstin Dellert[11] was at the time a famous opera singer and was later the director of the Royal Court Theatre “Confidencen” in Ulriksdal Sweden.

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