Thomas Fasting

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Thomas Fasting

Thomas Fasting (25 February 1769 – 21 November 1841) was a Norwegian Naval officer and government minister. [1]

Fasting was born at Lista in Vest-Agder, Norway He was the son of Lieutenant Colonel Soren Christian Fasting (1729-1782) and Benedicte Tyrholm (1734-1774). Fasting was given command of the Royal Norwegian Navy after the union with Denmark ended in the spring of 1814. By fall of that year, he was a member of the interim government. In 1815, he was appointed minister in the Department of the Navy, and for the next 24 years he was Secretary of the Naval administrative.[2]

He served as a member of the Council of State Division in Stockholm for six periods between 1817-1836. He was Minister of the Navy in eight periods between 1815-1839, as well as head of the Ministry of the Army in 1828 and 1832.[3][4] Fasting was the first individual ever convicted in an impeachment trial by the Norwegian Constitutional Court of the Realm (Riksrett).


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