Thomas Fletcher Oakes

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Thomas Fletcher Oakes (July 15, 1843 in Boston – 1919 in Seattle) was president of Northern Pacific Railway from 1888 to 1893.

Oakes entered railway service June 1, 1863; to April, 1879, on Kansas Pacific Railroad; two years secretary to contractors, two years purchasing agent; three years purchasing agent and assistant treasurer; six years general freight agent; one year vice-president; one year five months general superintendent; April 1879, to May 1880, general superintendent Kansas City, Fort Scott and Gulf and Kansas City, Lawrence and Southern; May 1880, to May 1881, vice-president and general manager Oregon Railway and Navigation Company; May 1881, to November 1883, vice-president Northern Pacific Railway, and November 1883, to 1888, vice-president and general manager.


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Preceded by
Robert Harris
President of Northern Pacific Railway
1888 – 1893
Succeeded by
Brayton Ives