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Thomas G:son
G:son in 2013
G:son in 2013
Background information
Birth nameThomas Gustafsson
Born (1968-02-25) 25 February 1968 (age 55)
Skövde, Västergötland, Sweden
  • Composer
  • musician
  • music producer
Years active1998–present

Thomas Gustafsson (born 25 February 1968), known professionally as Thomas G:son, is a Swedish composer and musician born in Skövde, Västergötland.

He is best known for the 99 songs he has written for the national selections of 12 countries for the Eurovision Song Contest: 61 for Sweden, 11 for Spain, six for Norway, five for Denmark and Finland, three for Georgia, two each for Poland and Malta, and one each for Cyprus, Latvia, Romania and Belgium. He reached the milestone of 60 entries at Melodifestivalen at the 2020 edition. His songs have also reached the Eurovision Song Contest 15 times, four times for Sweden, three times each for Spain and Georgia, twice for Cyprus and once each for Norway, Denmark and Malta. In 2012, G:son achieved his first victory as a winning composer at the Eurovision Song Contest with "Euphoria", performed by Loreen.

Gustafsson has been a full-time songwriter since 1998. In addition to writing and composing songs in various genres for a living, he is the guitarist of the hard rock band Masquerade.

Songwriting discography[edit]

Eurovision Song Contest[edit]

Year Country Song Artist Co-written with Final Points Semi Points
2001  Sweden "Listen to Your Heartbeat" Friends Henrik Sethsson 5 100 No semi-finals
2006 "Invincible" Carola Bobby Ljunggren, Henrik Wikström, Carola Häggkvist 5 170 4 214
2007  Norway "Ven a bailar conmigo" Guri Schanke Failed to qualify 18 48
 Spain "I Love You Mi Vida" D'Nash Andreas Rickstrand, Tony Sánchez-Ohlsson, Rebeca Pous del Toro 20 43 Member of the "Big 4"
2010  Denmark "In a Moment Like This" Chanée and N'evergreen Henrik Sethsson, Erik Bernholm 4 149 5 101
2012  Spain "Quédate conmigo" Pastora Soler Tony Sánchez-Ohlsson, Erik Bernholm 10 97 Member of the "Big 5"
 Sweden "Euphoria" Loreen Peter Boström 1 372 1 181
2013  Georgia "Waterfall" Sopho Gelovani and Nodiko Tatishvili Erik Bernholm 15 50 10 63
2015  Spain "Amanecer" Edurne Peter Boström, Tony Sánchez-Ohlsson 21 15 Member of the "Big 5"
 Georgia "Warrior" Nina Sublatti Nina Sublatti 11 51 4 98
2016 "Midnight Gold" Nika Kocharov and Young Georgian Lolitaz Kote Kalandadze 20 104 9 123
 Cyprus "Alter Ego" Minus One Minus One 21 96 8 164
2017 "Gravity" Hovig 21 68 5 164
2018  Malta "Taboo" Christabelle Johnny Sanchez, Christabelle Borg, Muxu Failed to qualify 13 101
2020  France "Mon alliée (The Best in Me)" Tom Leeb Peter Boström, John Lundvik, Amir Haddad, Tom Leeb, Léa Ivanne Contest cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic
2023  Sweden "Tattoo" Loreen Jimmy "Joker" Thörnfeldt, Jimmy Jansson, Lorine Talhaoui, Moa Carlebecker, Peter Boström 1 583 2 135

Junior Eurovision[edit]

Year Country Song Artist Co-written with Place Points
2010  Sweden "Allt jag vill ha" Josefine Ridell Arash Labbaf, Robert Uhlmann, Johan Bejerholm 11 48
2014 "Du är inte ensam" Julia Kedhammar Julia Kedhammar 13 28

National final entries[edit]

Melodifestivalen entries (Sweden)[edit]

Melodi Grand Prix entries (Norway)[edit]

Dansk Melodi Grand Prix entries (Denmark)[edit]

Euroviisut and Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu entries (Finland)[edit]

  • "Who Cares About a Broken Heart?" by Johanna (2002), 5th place
  • "Say You Will, Say You Won't" by Ressu (2002), 4th place
  • "I Can't Stop Loving You" by Kirsi Ranto (2004), 10th place (semi-final)
  • "Till the End of Time" by Arja Koriseva (2004), 10th place
  • "Domino" by Saara Aalto (2018), 2nd place

Eirodziesma entry (Latvia)[edit]

  • "Heaven in Your Eyes" by Elina Furmane (2006), 8th place

Selecţia Naţională entry (Romania)[edit]

Piosenka dla Europy entries (Poland)[edit]

  • "Viva la musica" by Man Meadow (2008), 3rd place
  • "Love Is Gonna Get You" by Man Meadow (2009), 6th place

Eurosong entry (Belgium)[edit]

  • "Addicted to You" by Tanja Dexters (2008), 5th place (semi-final)

Spanish selection entries (Spain)[edit]

  • "I Am as I Am" by Arkaitz (2007), failed to qualify
  • "I Love You Mi Vida" by D'Nash (2007), 1st place (20th place in Eurovision 2007)
  • "Todo está en tu mente" by Coral Segovia (2008), 2nd place
  • "Piénsame" by Anael (2008), eliminated in online voting
  • "Te prefiero" by Baltanás (2008), eliminated in online voting
  • "Nada es comparable a ti" by Mirela (2009), 4th place
  • "Amor radical" by Rebeca (2009), eliminated in online voting
  • "Perfecta" by Venus (2010), 4th place
  • "Recuérdame" by Samuel and Patricia (2010), 5th place
  • "En una vida" by Coral Segovia (2010), 2nd place
  • "Beautiful Life" by José Galisteo (2010), 7th place
  • "Abrázame" by Lucía Pérez (2011), 2nd place in song selection
  • "Quédate conmigo" by Pastora Soler (2012), 1st place (10th place in Eurovision 2012)
  • "Más (Run)" by Brequette (2014), 2nd place
  • "Eco" by Xeinn (2022), 7th place

Malta Eurovision Song Contest (Malta)[edit]

Pabandom iš naujo! (Lithuania)[edit]


G:son and Henrik Sethsson's song for the Eurovision Song Contest 2001, "Listen to Your Heartbeat", was accused of plagiarism from Belgium's 1996 entry "Liefde is een kaartspel". The songwriters denied the accusation, but after the Belgian songwriters and the author's organisation SABAM pressed for legal action, a cash settlement was agreed.[2][3]


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