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Thomas Guthrie Marquis (1864–1936) was a Canadian author, born at Chatham, New Brunswick, and educated at Queen's University, Kingston, where he graduated in 1889. He became a teacher, but he retired in 1901 to devote himself to literature. He was editorial writer of the Ottawa Free Press (1905) and office editor of Canada and Its Provinces (1914–15), a publication in 22 volumes on the history of Canada. His publications include:

  • Stories of New France (1890), in collaboration with Agnes Maule Machar
  • Stories from Canadian History (1893)
  • Marguerite de Roberval; A Romance of the Days of Jacques Cartier (1899)
  • Canada's Sons on Kopje and Veldt (1900)
  • Life of Lord Roberts (1901)
  • Presidents of the United States (1903)
  • Brock: The Hero of Upper Canada (1912)
  • The War-Chief of the Ottawas (1914)
  • The Jesuit Missions (1915)

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