Thomas H. Maren

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Dr. Thomas Maren
Born 1918
New York City, New York
Died August 15, 1999
Bar Harbor, Maine
Citizenship American
Alma mater Princeton University
Johns Hopkins University
Known for

Inventing Trusopt,

serving in World War II
Awards Honorary Doctorate from
Uppsala University in Sweden
Scientific career
Fields Scientific Research
Institutions University of Florida

Thomas H. Maren (1918 – August 15, 1999) was a professor of medicine at the University of Florida. He was the founding father for the University of Florida College of Medicine, and he invented Trusopt to help people with glaucoma.[1]

Life and death[edit]

Maren was born in New York City, and he served the war effort in World War II. He was educated at Princeton University, and received his medical degree from Johns Hopkins University.[2] He established the first Department of Pharmacology at the University of Florida College of Medicine in 1956. Hr remained Chairman until 1978, and continued to work as a graduate research professor until his death in 1999.

Maren died at the age of 81 of heart failure.



  • Hopkins Distinguished Medical Alumnus Award.
  • Honorary Doctorate from Uppsala University.
  • Inducted into the Hopkins Society of Scholars.
  • Inducted into the Florida Inventors Hall of Fame 2017.


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