Thomas Hall (murderer)

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Thomas Hall

Thomas Hall (c.1848–?) was a New Zealand commission agent, forger and murderer.

He was born in Kingston upon Hull, Yorkshire, England in c. 1848. Sir John Hall was his uncle. On 26 May 1885, he married Kate Emily Espie, the stepdaughter of Captain Henry Cain, who was Timaru's second mayor and regarded as the city's father. Cain died at Hall's house on 29 January 1886. The Halls had a child in June 1886 and soon after, his wife showed signs of poisoning. Hall was sentence to life imprisonment, but Cain was exhumed and signs of poisoning were found. Justice Williams sentenced him to death for this second case, but on appeal, the case was overturned on a technicality. Hall was released from Mount Eden Prisons and left the country. It is not known when or where he died.[1]


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