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Thomas Houseago is a British contemporary artist. He lives and works in Los Angeles, California.

Early life and education[edit]

Thomas Houseago (pronounced HOWZ-a-go)[1] was raised by his mother, a teacher;[2] his father was institutionalized when he was 9.[3] In 1989 he got a government grant to attend Jacob Kramer College (now the Leeds College of Art) for one year.[1][3]

Houseago left Leeds for London in 1991, at 19,[1] enrolling at Central Saint Martins and later studying at De Ateliers in Amsterdam. The South African artist Marlene Dumas was one of Houseago’s teachers during his time at De Ateliers;[1] other visiting artists such as Stanley Brouwn, Thomas Schütte and Luc Tuymans – but also Jan Dibbets who had a significant influence on his development as an artist.[4] After completing his studies, he lived and worked for several years in Brussels before moving to Los Angeles in 2003.[3] His first serious patrons were the Miami collectors Donald and Mera Rubell, who bought several works in 2006.[3]


Houseago is a sculptor who uses lo-fi materials such as plaster[5] and plywood.[6] His work references genres such as Cubism, performance art and Futurism and plays on the history and tradition of sculpture.[7]