Thomas Howard Johnson

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For other uses, see Thomas Johnson.
Thomas H. Johnson
Thomas H. Johnson
Thomas H. Johnson of the Naval Postgraduate School
Residence United States
Citizenship United States
Nationality United States
Fields Political Science, Weapons of Mass Destruction
Institutions Naval Postgraduate School, NATO
Notable awards Charles E. Merriam Award for Outstanding Public Policy Research

Thomas H. Johnson is a research professor at the Naval Postgraduate School's Department of National Security Affairs.[1][2][3] Johnson is the Director of the Naval Postgraduate School's Program for Culture & Conflict Studies. Johnson has taught at the University of Southern California, George Mason University and the Foreign Service Institute.

The University of Illinois has awarded Johnson the Charles E. Merriam Award for Outstanding Public Policy Research.[1][4]

Johnson also serves on NATO committees that monitor Weapons of Mass Destruction.[2]

Johnson conducted extensive field research in war-torn Afghanistan and field commanders there have called on him to serve as an advisor.[2][5][6]


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