Thomas Kohnstamm

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Thomas Kohnstamm
Born (1975-11-24) November 24, 1975 (age 43)
Seattle, Washington, United States
GenreGonzo, Travel, Non-fiction
Notable worksDo Travel Writers Go to Hell?

Thomas Kohnstamm (born (1975-11-24)November 24, 1975) is an American author, and travel writer who worked previously for Lonely Planet.[1][2][3] His book Do Travel Writers Go to Hell?, a gonzo style memoir was published by Random House/Three Rivers Press in April 2008. The author drew criticism, and according to the author, death threats,[4] after he said in publicizing the book that he had performed a "desk update" of a guidebook - before later clarifying that he had only been commissioned to write the book's History chapter.[5][6] He also called into question both the accuracy and the practices of his fellow travelguide writers.[7]

Lonely Planet's publisher Piers Pickard defended their rate of pay, and the accuracy of their work.[6][8] Other guidebook writers defended some of Kohnstamm's claims, contrasting with those of Pickard who had first claimed "no freebies — period", before then admitting freebies could be taken under some circumstances.

The book received positive reviews. One reviewer observed "were I his editor, I’d want his blood",[2] but also admitted "As a reader...I could not get enough of the most depraved travel book of the year". Another review praised Kohnstamm's "spirited prose".[9]


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