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Coat of Arms of Thomas Ludwell Lee

Thomas Ludwell Lee, Sr. (December 13, 1730 – April 13, 1778) was an editor of the Virginia Declaration of Rights. He was the older brother of Richard Henry Lee, Francis Lightfoot Lee, William Lee, and Arthur Lee.


Lee was born at Stratford Hall Plantation, Westmoreland County, Virginia to Thomas Lee and his wife Hannah Harrison Ludwell. He was the couple's third son and the second one to survive into adulthood. Much about Lee's early life is unknown, but it is assumed that he studied in England along with his brothers.[1] Thomas resided at Belleview, Stafford County, Virginia, the site of the first annual meeting of the Mississippi Company, at which George Washington (1732–1799) and his brother, John Augustine Washington, attended in September 1763.

He was a member of the House of Burgesses from 1758 to 1765 but refused to enter into US politics. John Adams, quoting George Wythe, once said that Lee was "the delight of the eyes of every Virginian, but would not engage in public life."[2]

On October 14, 1776, he was appointed to a committee headed by Thomas Jefferson and including Wythe, Edmund Pendleton, and George Mason to revise, amend, or repeal any Virginia law, subject to the approval of the Virginia House of Delegates.


Thomas married Mary Aylett. Mary was the daughter of William Aylett and Elizabeth Eskridge (1719). Elizabeth married secondly, Dr. James Steptoe, Col. (1709–1757).


1. Thomas Ludwell Lee, Jr. (c. 1752-1807), who married Frances "Fanny" Carter (c. 1755), daughter of Robert Wormley Carter (c. 1735-1797) of Sabine Hall and Winifred Tavener Beale (c. 1740).

2. William Aylett Lee (c. 1754), who died young).

3. George Lee, Sr. (c. 1756-1802), who married Evelyn Byrd Beverley (1782). Evelyn married secondly, Dr. Patrick Hume Douglas. Evelyn was the daughter of Robert Beverley (1740–1800) and Maria Carter (1745–1817).

4. Anne Fenton Lee (c. 1758), who married Daniel Carroll Brent (1759–1814), son of William Brent III (1733–1782) and Eleanor Carroll.

5. Lucinda Lee (c. 1760), who married John Dalrymple Orr (1761), son of John Orr (1726) and Susan Monroe Grayson (1743).

6. Rebecca Lee (c. 1763).


Thomas was the son of Col. Thomas Lee, Hon. (1690–1750) of Stratford Hall, Westmoreland Co., Virginia. Thomas married Hannah Harrison Ludwell (1701–1750).

Hannah was the daughter of Col. Philip Ludwell II (1672–1726) of "Greenspring", and Hannah Harrison (1679–1731).

Thomas was the son of Col. Richard Lee II, Esq., "the scholar" (1647–1715) and Laetitia Corbin (c. 1657-1706).

Laetitia was the daughter of Richard's neighbor and, Councillor, Hon. Henry Corbin, Sr. (1629–1676) and Alice (Eltonhead) Burnham (c. 1627-1684).

Richard II, was the son of Col. Richard Lee I, Esq., "the immigrant" (1618–1664) and Anne Constable (c. 1621-1666).

Anne was the daughter of Francis Constable and a ward of Sir John Thoroughgood.


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