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Tom Sullivan (Thomas M. Sullivan, b. 1949) is a business news anchor for the Fox Business Network, who also hosts a syndicated radio talk show on the Fox News Radio network.

Early career[edit]

Tom Sullivan graduated from Seattle University with degrees in Business and Accounting. He was a member of the national accounting honorary fraternity, Beta Alpha Psi. He then attended the University of Washington where he took graduate classes in mathematics and computer sciences. In the late 1970s, he attended Stanford University where he completed the Graduate School of Business executive program.

After graduation, Sullivan was a tax accountant for Price Waterhouse in San Francisco. He was then was assigned as a California Tax Expert to the Sacramento office where he handled California tax matters for Price Waterhouse clients worldwide.[citation needed]

A Seattle native, he moved to the San Francisco, California, area in the early 1970s and later was transferred to Sacramento, California, and now lives in the New York City area.[1]

Media work[edit]

Sullivan worked as financial editor for both KFBK and for KCRA-TV from 1980 to 2007. In 2007, Sullivan left Sacramento to host a show on the Fox Business Network. His radio show became nationally syndicated by Fox News Radio.[2]

He has occasionally served as a stand-in host on The Rush Limbaugh Show.

Investment history[edit]

Sullivan was a managing director of The Sullivan Group, a brokerage he founded in 1980 and sold to Prudential Securities in 1986.[citation needed]

Sullivan retired from The Sullivan Group in 2007 to pursue his media career at FOX.[citation needed]


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