Thomas Mercer Jones

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Thomas Mercer Jones
Born 1795
Died 2 October 1868(1868-10-02)
Toronto, Ontario
Monuments Ontario Historical Plaques: Thomas Mercer Jones, 1795–1868
Residence Goderich, Ontario
Occupation Businessman and Banker
Years active 53
Employer Canada Company and later Bank of Montreal
Known for Inspiring Stratford, Ontario's name.
Title Co-Commissioner of the Canada Company
Term 1829-1850
Predecessor William Allan
Successor Frederick Widder
Political party Family Compact and later Colborne Clique
Opponent(s) Colborne Clique and later Family Compact
Religion Christian
Denomination Anglican
Spouse(s) Elizabeth Mary Strachan

Thomas Mercer Jones (1795 – 2 October 1868) was an English-born administrator who arrived in Upper Canada in the 1820s and was employed as a commissioner of the Canada Company based in Goderich. A series of internal conflicts led to his dismissal in 1852. He died in Toronto.

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