Thomas Mercer Jones

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Thomas Mercer Jones
Born 1795
Died (1868-10-02)2 October 1868
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Monuments Ontario Historical Plaques: Thomas Mercer Jones, 1795–1868
Residence Goderich, Ontario
Occupation Businessman and Banker
Years active 53
Employer Canada Company and later Bank of Montreal
Known for Inspiring Stratford, Ontario's name.
Title Co-Commissioner of the Canada Company
Term 1829-1850
Predecessor William Allan
Successor Frederick Widder
Political party Family Compact and later Colborne Clique
Opponent(s) Colborne Clique and later Family Compact
Spouse(s) Elizabeth Mary Strachan

Thomas Mercer Jones (1795 – 2 October 1868) was an English-born administrator who arrived in Upper Canada in the 1820s and was employed as a commissioner of the Canada Company based in Goderich. A series of internal conflicts led to his dismissal in 1852. He died in Toronto.

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