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Thomas Michael McGovern was appointed the eighth president of Fisher College in October 2007, following nearly three decades of teaching Fisher students and leading the College's expansion into baccalaureate education through his oversight of the management program.

McGovern is a supporter of the school's athletics as well as advocate for alumni to become engaged with the life of their alma mater. When he was appointed president of Fisher College, following nearly three decades of teaching Fisher students, he has since led the college's expansion into baccalaureate education through oversight of the management program.

Leadership Philosophy[edit]

As President, McGovern has adopted the college's strategic plan as his administration's blueprint and has been actively stewarding the college's petition to add three new baccalaureate degrees. President McGovern’s inaugural address, entitled “105 Years of Education, Innovation, and Transformation,” made clear his belief that it is people who make the College such a unique institution. Dr. McGovern indicated his intention to sustain an exceptional faculty, enrich an already diverse student population, and deepen connections with graduates toward building an even stronger Fisher community. “Fisher will remain a place of opportunity,” President McGovern said, in contemplating what he would tell founders Edmund and Myron Fisher if they asked what he would do with the college that bears their name. “We will change when the times demand. We will be proactive and seek out new markets. We will develop programs that are current and effective. In short, we will remain true to the spirit and passion that has guided our enduring college. It is our ethical and moral responsibility to produce citizens who can lead and guide positive change in a changing world. We can and will do this today, just as we have for the last 105 years.”

The Center for Leadership in Public Service[edit]

The Center for Leadership in Public Service was launched at Fisher College in October, 2008. The Center is grant-funded and prepares the next generation of public officials and corporate officers through student, faculty, and staff involvement in projects.

New Bachelor Programs[edit]

Fisher College announced the addition of two new bachelor's degree programs beginning in January 2009. A Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Studies and a Bachelor of Science in Human Services will be added to the college’s existing Bachelor of Science in Management. The College also offers 12 associate degree and several certificate programs.

Partnership with ARMY ROTC[edit]

McGovern facilitated a partnership with Boston University's ROTC Commander, and Fisher College now offers the US Army's ROTC program. Students are able to enroll in ARMY ROTC at Fisher and attend the program at BU. All second, third and fourth year Bachelor students who are eligible will be able to receive an Army scholarship for either tuition, or room and board, to use at Fisher.


McGovern has extensive experience in public and governmental affairs, public policy, higher education, research-based programs and administration. Prior to joining Fisher College, Dr. McGovern conceptualized, developed and implemented a partnership with MassSAFE, the Traffic Safety Research Program in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Highway Safety Impact[edit]

This partnership, sponsored by research grants and the GHSB, was developed to expand the GHSB’s technical resource base in order to more effectively develop countermeasures that were scientifically validated and research-based. McGovern co-developed the Massachusetts highway safety data warehouse and that provided technical support to stakeholders in Massachusetts involved in the safety mission. In support of this effort, McGovern developed and taught a transportation safety management seminar at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering to Ph.D and Master’s level students.

This experience allowed him to develop similar projects in Florida and Alaska that took advantage of multiple departments working together to share data capabilities.

Project Management[edit]

He has performed numerous project management roles including:

  • Provided managerial support and leadership to numerous states and local jurisdictions on the integration of safety into the transportation planning process and the development of Strategic Highway Safety Plans;
  • Created comprehensive plans that established specific goals and performance measures, identified and evaluated the feasibility and effectiveness of strategies, determined the need for interagency collaboration, and developed detailed implementation plans and next steps;
  • Coalition building and facilitation, data analysis, technology transfer, countermeasure development, evaluation and selection, and development of a management system to implement and evaluate the plan and other assignments;
  • Assisted Florida Department of Transportation in organization of multiple Safety Summits and used data driven approach to develop targeted safety messages for high risk groups;
  • Authored and facilitated the submission and approval of over $2.5 million for data improvement grants in Massachusetts and Florida;
  • On-going responsibility for assuring that system-level performance measures are collected and reviewed at least annually in preparation for the Strategic Annual Reports.

He also worked as a private consultant for many years, providing services to clients who have included the American Management Association, the National Association of Governors' Highway Safety Representatives, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Federal Highway Administration, NStar and AT&T.


McGovern earned his Ed.D. from Johnson and Wales University, an M.P.A. from Suffolk University, and a B.S. in Management from Northeastern University. He is a veteran of the U.S. Army.

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