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Thomas N. Soffron (December 10, 1907 – February 21, 2004) was the clam digger and restaurateur who created the fried clam strip.[1][2][3] He was also a singer and guitarist, member of the Talambekos Mandolinata band.[4]


He was born on December 10, 1907 and he was an immigrant from Greece with his three brothers and a sister: Virginia Soffron, George N. Soffron (1907–1990), Stephen N. Soffron (1919–1995) and Peter Soffron (1913–1984).[2]

Together they owned the Soffron Brothers Clam Company in Ipswich, Massachusetts, which started in 1938.[5]

They arranged an exclusive deal to provide their clam strips to the Howard Johnson's restaurant chain which were sold under the tradename "Tender-sweet Fried Clams".[1]

There is an anecdote that "Soffron was a picky eater and did not care for the clam’s belly. He only ate the strip from the large clam, which he could sanitize."[6] In 1961 they were charged with tax evasion.[5]

He was married to Sophia Economis.[1]


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