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Thomas Peckett (or Preskett) Prest (probable dates 1810–1859) was a British hack writer, journalist and musician. He was a prolific producer of penny dreadfuls. He is now remembered as the co-creator (with James Malcolm Rymer) of the fictional Sweeney Todd, the 'demon barber' immortalized in his The String of Pearls. He has also been associated with the authorship of Varney the Vampire, now more often thought to be the work of Rymer.[citation needed] He wrote under pseudonyms including Bos, a takeoff of Charles Dickens' own pen name, Boz. Before joining Edward Lloyd's publishing factory, Prest had made a name for himself as a talented musician and composer.


  • The Miller and His Men; or, The Bohemian Banditti (1831)
  • The Penny Pickwick (1839) (lampoon of The Pickwick Papers)
  • The Life and Adventures of Oliver Twiss, the Workhouse Boy (1841) (lampoon of Oliver Twist)
  • David Copperful (a lampoon of David Copperfield)
  • Nickelas Nicklebery (a lampoon of Nicholas Nickleby)
  • Ela, the Outcast; or, The Gipsy of Rosemary Dell. A Romance of Thrilling Interest (1841)
  • The Hebrew Maiden; or, The Lost Diamond (1841)
  • Ernestine de Lacy; or, The Robber's Foundling. An Old English Romance (1842)
  • Adeline; or, The Grave of the Forsaken. A Domestic Romance (1842)
  • The Smuggler King; or, The Foundling of the Wreck. A Nautico-Domestic Romance (1844)
  • Gilbert Copley, the Reprobate. A Domestic Romance (1844)
  • The String of Pearls: A Romance (1846)
  • The Harvest Home: A Romance (1850)
  • The Brigand; or, The Mountain Chief: A Romance (1851)
  • The Robber's Wife: A Domestic Romance (1852)
  • Schamyl; or, The Wild Woman of Circassia. An Original Historical Romance (1856)
  • The Maniac Father; or, The Victims of Seduction
  • Vice and its Victims; or, Phoebe the Peasant's Daughter

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