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Thomas Perry
Born 1947
Tonawanda, New York,
United States
Occupation Writer
Genre Mystery, Thriller
Notable works Butcher's Boy, Metzger's Dog, Jane Whitefield Series

Thomas Perry (born 1947) is an American mystery and thriller novelist. He received a 1983 Edgar Award from the Mystery Writers of America for Best First Novel.


Perry's work has covered a variety of fictional suspense starting with The Butcher's Boy, which received a 1983 Edgar Award from the Mystery Writers of America for Best First Novel, followed by Metzger's Dog, Big Fish, Island, and Sleeping Dogs. He then launched the critically acclaimed Jane Whitefield series: Vanishing Act (chosen as one of the "100 Favorite Mysteries of the Century" by the Independent Mystery Booksellers Association), Dance for the Dead, Shadow Woman, The Face Changers, Blood Money, Runner, and Poison Flower. The New York Times selected Nightlife for its best seller selection. From this point, Perry has elected to develop a non-series list of mysteries with Death Benefits, Pursuit (which won a Gumshoe Award in 2002), Dead Aim, Night Life, Fidelity, and Strip. In The Informant, released in 2011, Perry brought back the hit-man character first introduced in The Butcher's Boy and later the protagonist in Sleeping Dogs.


Perry was born in Tonawanda, New York, in 1947. He received a B.A. from Cornell University in 1969 and his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Rochester in 1974. He has been a laborer, maintenance man, commercial fisherman, weapons mechanic, university administrator and teacher, as well as a television writer and producer (Simon & Simon, 21 Jump Street, Star Trek: The Next Generation). To date, Perry has written 23 novels with publication of Forty Thieves in 2016. He lives in Southern California with his wife Jo (ne Lee) and two children.[1]


The Butcher's Boy series[edit]

# Title Publication Date ISBN
1 The Butcher's Boy 1982 0-684-17455-3
2 Sleeping Dogs 1992 978-0-679-41064-5
3 The Informant 2011 978-0-547-56933-8

Jane Whitefield series[edit]

# Title Publication Date ISBN
1 Vanishing Act 1995 978-0-679-43536-0
2 Dance for the Dead 1996 978-0-679-44911-9
3 Shadow Woman 1997 978-0-679-45302-4
4 The Face-Changers 1998 978-0-679-45303-1
5 Blood Money 1999 978-0-679-45304-8
6 Runner 2009 978-0-15-101528-3
7 Poison Flower 2012 978-0-8021-2605-4
8 A String of Beads 2015 978-0-8021-2329-9

John Walker series[edit]

# Title Publication Date ISBN
1 Death Benefits 2001 978-0-679-45305-5

Jack Till series[edit]

# Title Publication Date ISBN
1 Silence 2007 978-0-15-101289-3
2 The Boyfriend 2013 978-0-8021-2606-1

Other novels[edit]

Title Publication Date ISBN
Metzger's Dog 1983 978-0-6841-7948-2
Big Fish 1985 978-0-684-18367-1
Island 1987 978-0-399-13327-5
Pursuit 2001 978-0-679-45306-2
Dead Aim 2002 1-4000-6003-6
Nightlife 2006 1-4000-6004-4
Fidelity 2008 978-0-15-101292-3
Strip 2010 978-0-15-101522-1
Forty Thieves 2016 978-0-8021-2452-4
The Old Man 2017 978-0802125866


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