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Thomas Peckett (or Preskett) Prest (probable dates 1810–1859) was a British hack writer, journalist and musician. He was a prolific producer of penny dreadfuls. He is now remembered as the co-creator (with James Malcolm Rymer) of the fictional Sweeney Todd, the 'demon barber' immortalized in his The String of Pearls, as well as the co-author with Rymer of Varney the Vampire. He wrote under pseudonyms including Bos, a takeoff of Charles Dickens' own pen name, Boz. Before joining Edward Lloyd's publishing factory, Prest had made a name for himself as a talented musician and composer.


  • The Miller and His Men; or, The Bohemian Banditti (1831)
  • The Penny Pickwick (1839) (lampoon of The Pickwick Papers)
  • Gallant Tom: or, the Perils of a Sailor (1841)
  • The Life and Adventures of Oliver Twiss, the Workhouse Boy (1841) (lampoon of Oliver Twist)
  • David Copperful (a lampoon of David Copperfield)
  • Nickelas Nicklebery (a lampoon of Nicholas Nickleby)
  • Ela, the Outcast; or, The Gipsy of Rosemary Dell. A Romance of Thrilling Interest (1841)
  • The Hebrew Maiden; or, The Lost Diamond (1841)
  • Ernestine de Lacy; or, The Robber's Foundling. An Old English Romance (1842)
  • Adeline; or, The Grave of the Forsaken. A Domestic Romance (1842)
  • The Smuggler King; or, The Foundling of the Wreck. A Nautico-Domestic Romance (1844)
  • Gilbert Copley, the Reprobate. A Domestic Romance (1844)
  • The String of Pearls: A Romance (1846)
  • The Harvest Home: A Romance (1850)
  • The Brigand; or, The Mountain Chief: A Romance (1851)
  • The Robber's Wife: A Domestic Romance (1852)
  • Schamyl; or, The Wild Woman of Circassia. An Original Historical Romance (1856)
  • The Maniac Father; or, The Victims of Seduction
  • Varney the Vampire, or the Feast of Blood
  • Vice and its Victims; or, Phoebe the Peasant's Daughter

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