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Thomas Price Turner (c. 1790–1868) was a British musician, and was one of the artist J. M. W. Turner's first cousins.[1] Following the artist's death in 1851, Thomas Price Turner was one of a group of interested parties who contested J. M. W. Turner's will. The first cousins were awarded part of J. M. W. Turner's legacy in 1856.

Turner was a professor of music in Exeter[1][2] and was a secondary at Exeter Cathedral from 1820 until 1857.[3][4] He had his own band. He sang in the 1834 Handel Commemoration in London, as J.M.W.Turner noted on looking at the programme. Two years later Turner's daughter Maria Harriet married a London builder and surveyor, whom she later deserted for another husband.

Turner married Maria Pridham in 1865,[5] some time after retiring from the Cathedral and only a few years before his death in 1868.[5] Maria had several children (Andrew, Charles, Maria) between 1847 and 1851 and is also recorded as being with Thomas in the UK Census Archives,[6] though their exact relationship is unclear. Maria's children undoubtedly used the Turner name after the marriage between Thomas and Maria.[7] It is unclear whether Turner was their natural father or their stepfather. Selby Whittingham (in "The Turners of Devon") has believed that he was the father.


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