Thomas Somerscales

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Thomas Somerscales

Thomas Jacques Somerscales (born in Kingston upon Hull on 29 October 1842; died 27 June 1927) was an English marine painter. He is also considered a Chilean painter as he began his career there and many of his landscapes evoke the region.

Life and career[edit]

His father was a shipmaster, who sketched, and his uncle was an amateur painter. However he had no formal training as an artist and originally became a teacher in the Royal Navy. He also traveled around the Pacific and while teaching at The Mackay School in Valparaíso he started working as a professional painter.[1] By 1893 he was still referred to as a "little known artist" but had gained some praise.[2]

His life's work has been detailed in the book: "Thomas Somerscales, Marine Artist" by Alex A. Hurst.

Selected paintings[edit]