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Thomas Trenczek

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Thomas Trenczek (born 1960) is a German law professor and mediator. He studied both law (bar exams and Ph.D.), and social sciences (M.A.) in Tübingen (Germany), and Minneapolis (USA).[1][2] He is owner of the Steinberg Institute for Mediation and Conflict Management (SIMK) Hannover and works as a mediation trainer.[3]

Trenczek has spent time in the US, Australia, and NZ, to study and train in mediation/alternative dispute resolution (ADR), and restorative justice.[4][5] Beyond that, his interdisciplinary focus is on law and social control, criminology, as well as youth (protection, welfare, criminal) law. He is currently professor of law at the Ernst Abbe University in Jena, visiting scholar of Griffith University in Brisbane (Australia) Law School, as well as the School of Social and Cultural Studies, Massey University (NZ).[6] Prof. Trenczek is initiator of the “Socrates Network of European University Schools of Social Work” (SocNet98).[7][8]

Trenzek is cofounder and chairman of the non-profit WAAGE ("scales")[9] Dispute Resolution Center Hannover, which offers different mediation services, among others mediation in escalated parental/family disputes and a victim-offender mediation/restorative justice service.[10][11][12] He is the author of some 200 articles and books about mediation, restorative justice, youth law, and criminology.


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