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Thomas Troward

Thomas Troward (1847–1916) was an English author whose works influenced the New Thought Movement and mystic Christianity.


Troward was a divisional Judge in Punjab in British-administered India. His avocation was the study of comparative religion.

After his retirement from the judiciary in 1896, Troward set out to apply logic and a judicial weighing of evidence in the study of matters of cause and effect.[1] The philosopher William James characterized Troward’s Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science as "far and away the ablest statement of philosophy I have met, beautiful in its sustained clearness of thought and style, a really classic statement."[2]

According to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) archivist Nell Wing, early AA members were strongly encouraged to read Thomas Troward's Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science.[3] In the opening of the 2006 film The Secret, introductory remarks credit Troward's philosophy with inspiring the movie and its production.[4]

Troward was a past president of the International New Thought Alliance.

Geneviève Behrend studied with Troward from 1912 until 1914; Behrend was the only personal student he had throughout his life.[5][6][7]

Bob Proctor credited Troward's works on a number of occasions, and cited The Creative Process in the Individual as the most important in developing the persistence of an individual.[8]


  • The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science 1904
  • The Dore Lectures on Mental Science 1909
  • Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning 1913
  • The Creative Process in the Individual 1915
  • The Years 1914 to 1923 in Bible Prophecy 1915
  • The Law and the Word 1917
  • The Hidden Power and Other Papers on Mental Science 1921

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