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Thomas W. Hodgkinson
Born 1976
London, England
Occupation Journalist, Author
Nationality British
Alma mater St Anne's College, Oxford
Period 1998–present
Genre Thriller, Romantic comedy
Notable works How to be Cool; Memoirs of a Stalker

Thomas W. Hodgkinson (born 1976) is a British journalist, author, and contributing editor at The Week. In 2016, he launched the Method Writers[1] movement, devoted to applying the techniques of Method acting to the craft of writing.


Born in London, he was educated at Harrow School and St Anne's College, Oxford, where he studied Classics.

From 1999 to 2002, he worked for Literary Review under the editorship of Auberon Waugh. One of his duties was to judge the submission for the magazine’s annual Bad Sex in Fiction Award.[2] Since 2007, he has been a contributing editor at The Week magazine. As a journalist, he writes travel pieces for the Daily Mail,[3] book reviews for The Spectator,[4] and feature articles for The Sunday Times.[5]

In 2011, he became the first person officially to swim from Albania to Corfu.[6] In February 2013, he was awarded the title of Lord Thomas Hodgkinson by the Sovereign of Sealand, in recognition of his "support towards the welfare and development” of the Independent Principality of Sealand.

In 2013, his thriller screenplay Memoirs of a Stalker, which he co-wrote with Daisy Aitkens, was a finalist at the Austin Film Festival. In 2014-15, his romantic comedy screenplay The Magnificent Kate Morgan was nominated as a finalist or semi-finalist at the Austin Film Festival, the Sun Valley Film Festival and the LA Comedy Festival. As a screenwriter, he has spoken on the Radio 4 Today programme about Hollywood's reliance on intellectual property.[7]

He is the author of the black-comedy novel Memoirs of a Stalker, which was published in January 2016 by Silvertail Books, and the co-author with Hubert van den Bergh of How To Sound Cultured: Master the 250 Names that Intellectuals Love to Drop into Conversation, which was published in November 2015 by Icon Books.

In January 2016, Hodgkinson launched the Method Writers movement — dubbed a "one-man literary movement" by The Independent — which aims to apply the techniques of Method acting to the crafts of writing. He has spoken on Radio 4 and Radio London about how the idea for this came to him while he was writing his novel Memoirs of a Stalker crouched in one of the cupboards at his home.[8]

In November 2016, he published How to be Cool: The 150 Essential Idols, Ideals and Other Cool S***.


  • How to be Cool: The 150 Essential Idols, Ideals and Other Cool S*** (2016)[9]
  • Memoirs of a Stalker (2016)[10]
  • How To Sound Cultured: Master the 250 Names that Intellectuals Love to Drop into Conversation (2015)[11]


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