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Thomas Waldron Sumner (1768–1849) was an architect and government representative in Boston, Massachusetts, in the early 19th century.[1][2] He designed East India Marine Hall and the Independent Congregational Church in Salem;[3][4] and the South Congregational Society church in Boston.[5] He was also involved with the Exchange Coffee House, Boston.[6]

In Boston he lived on Cambridge Street[7] and Chamber Street,[8] and later moved to Brookline.[9] He belonged to the Boston Associated Housewrights Society[10] and the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanick Association.[11] Sumner married Elizabeth Hubbard (1770–1839); children included Caroline Sumner (born 1796) and Thomas Hubbard Sumner. His parents were engineer James Sumner (1740–1814) and Alice Waldron (died 1773).[12][13] The artist John Christian Rauschner created portraits of Sumner and his wife.[14]



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