Thomasville, Tallahassee and Gulf Railroad

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The Thomasville, Tallahassee and Gulf Railroad was incorporated under the general incorporation laws of Florida to build, maintain, and operate a railroad from a point on the line between the cities of Tallahassee, in the State of Florida, and Thomasville, in the State of Georgia, through the counties of Leon, Wakulla and Franklin, in the State of Florida, passing through Tallahassee and terminating on the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, at or near Carrabelle, on James's Island, in Franklin county, a distance of about seventy miles.

Land Grants[edit]

Florida state law chapter 3494, approved February 7, 1883, granted land to the Thomasville, Tallahassee and Gulf Railroad Company, provided it was built in standard gauge.

Florida state law chapter 3643, approved February 10, 1885, amended chapter 3494 to require the railroad to begin construction within six months; any sections completed after five years would not receive land grants.

Florida state law chapter 3791, approved May 19, 1887, changed the deadline for commencement to within three months of June 1, 1887, with at least five miles completed within six months, and no land grants given for any section completed after 18 months.


The company was owned by Charles H. Adams of the City of New York, John E. Page of Albany, New York, Edward Danforth of Elmira, New York, William V. Page of Albany, New York, Edward Lewis of Tallahassee, Florida, Author P. Wright of Thomasville, Georgia, C. D. McDougall of Auburn, New York and J. Edmund Page of Albany, New York.

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