Tommy Thompson (type designer)

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Tommy Thompson
Born 1906
Blue Point, New York
Died 1967 (aged 61)
New York City, New York
Nationality American
Known for typography
Notable work Thompson Quill Script

Samuel Winfield "Tommy" Thompson[1] (1906–1967)[2] was an American calligrapher, graphic artist and typeface designer. He was born Blue Point, New York. In 1944 he became the first designer to earn royalties for a type design, from Photo Lettering Inc. for his Thompson Quill Script. Previously, designers had worked in house for foundries or had sold the rights to their faces outright. He maintained a studio in Norwalk, Connecticut and was the author of several books on type and lettering.[3]


Thompson designed all of these foundry types:[4]


  • The script letter; its form, construction and application, New York, The Studio Publications Inc., 1939.
  • The ABC Of Our Alphabet, 1945.
  • How to render roman letter forms. A pattern for understanding and drawing roman letters and other styles of lettering and type faces related to them, New York, American Studio Books, 1946.
  • Basic layout design; a pattern for understanding the basic motifs in design and how to apply them to graphic art problems, New York, Studio Publications, in association with Crowell, c. 1950.


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