Thomson's Falls

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Thomson's Falls.

Thomson's Falls is a 74 m (243 ft) scenic waterfall on the Ewaso Ng'iro river, which drains from the Aberdare Mountain Range. It is situated two miles from the town of Nyahururu in central Kenya, at 2,360 m (7,750 ft) elevation. In 1883 Joseph Thomson was the first European to reach Thomson Falls, and named them for his father. He was a Scottish geologist and naturalist who was also the first European to walk from Mombasa to Lake Victoria in the early 1880s.[1]

The mist feeds the dense forest below. Visitors can view the falls from above, or there's a trail down to the bottom of the ravine. Upstream from the falls is one of the highest hippo pools in Kenya.

Ewaso Narok River is a tributary of the Ewaso Ng'iro river. The falls span a height of 72 meters. It is a major economic resource for the adjacent town of Nyahururu. Most of the revenue is received from tourists, both international and domestic, who are charged at the gate.

This is an aerial view of Thompson Falls, located in Nyahururu, Kenya.

The Falls appeared in the TV Movie The Man in the Brown Suit (1988).


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Coordinates: 0°02′39″N 36°22′13″E / 0.04417°N 36.37028°E / 0.04417; 36.37028