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Thomson Demo mp3PRO Player/Encoder is an unmaintained proprietary freeware media software program originally released by Thomson (now Technicolor SA) and Coding Technologies (acquired by Dolby Laboratories in 2007) which converts Waveform Audio File Format (WAV) files to mp3PRO.

The official website claims that nearly 50% more music, compared to standard MP3, can be held by a storage device whether CD, hard drive, or flash drive. The quality of 64 kbit/s mp3PRO technology is stated to be in the range between 96 and 128 kbit/s MP3.[1]

This demo provides playback as well as compression capabilities. This specific demo program performs one WAV file to mp3PRO conversion at a time. Batch conversion is not available. Files must be 16bit PCM/WAV 44.1 kHz files.

The software, as well as the mp3PRO codec, has been unmaintained for more than a decade and is generally regarded as obsolete.

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