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Thomson Investment Management News (Thomson IM News) is a wire service and website aimed at clients in the European institutional fund management and pension fund industry. It is part of Thomson Financial News, itself part of Canadian publishing and data group Thomson Corporation.


Thomson IM News was launched in October 2005, when Thomson Financial hired London-based financial newswire AFX News to provide content for IM clients of its Thomson ONE platform.

That cooperation presaged the acquisition of AFX News by Thomson Financial to form Thomson Financial News (TFN). TFN will be merged with the editorial team at Reuters if the merger between Thomson and Reuters is given regulatory approval.

Thomson IM News is based in London and run by a team of seven reporters led by the Editor Joel Dimmock. It also takes copy from TFN markets and companies reporters and freelance contributors.


The Thomson IM News wire is heavily focused on the UK and European fund management and pensions industry. Items range from news on fund launches and people moves to changes in asset allocation and mandate wins. The editorial team has a stated aim to generate exclusive news on the industry which is highlighted in a Pick of the Week[1] section on the website.

There is a major stream of analysis stories which pool comments from fund managers to build a market view of specific asset classes, regions or sectors. These items are also split out into a separate section.[2]

TFN reporters provide the final stream of content in the form of breaking news on the financial industry and on stock market movements.


Thomson IM News provides a wire feed of about 100 stories a day to Thomson ONE clients in the fund management industry. The content is most visible though on its website here.

Stories produced by Thomson IM News reporters also appear on the TFN newswires.


Thomson IM News has won the SSgA Institutional Press Award for Pensions Journalist of the Year in its segment for two years running. Cecilia Valente won in 2006 and Joel Dimmock picked up the same award in 2007. [3]


There are a range of financial publications which touch on the same areas of coverage as Thomson IM News. These include News Corp-owned Financial News, CityWire and IPE, as well as a series of smaller niche publications. Both Bloomberg and Reuters also have journalists which cover similar areas.

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