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Thomson MO5.jpg
Thomson MO5
ManufacturerThomson SA
Release date1984; 34 years ago (1984)
Discontinued1986; 32 years ago (1986)
Operating systemBASIC 1.0
CPUMotorola 6809E @ 1 MHz
Memory32 KB RAM, 16 KB VRAM
Graphics320×200 16 colors
SuccessorThomson MO6
Related articlesThomson TO7/70

The Thomson MO5 is a home computer introduced in France in 1984[1] to compete against systems such as the ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64. At the same time, Thomson also released the up-market Thomson TO7/70 machine. The MO5 was not sold in vast quantities outside France and was largely discontinued in favour of the improved Thomson MO6 in 1986.[2] MO5s were also used as educational tools in French schools for a period.

The Thomson MO5 runs on a Motorola 6809E processor clocked at 1 MHz. It originally featured 48 KB of RAM, a 40×25 text display, and built-in Microsoft BASIC.

Over 200 pieces of software are known to exist for the MO5.


External links[edit]

  • DCMOTO: PC emulator for Thomson MO5, MO5E, MO5NR, MO6, T9000, TO7, TO7/70, TO8, TO8D, TO9, TO9+ and Olivetti Prodest PC128. Comprehensive software and documentation are also available.
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