Thomson TO7

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Thomson TO7 computer on display at the Musée Bolo, EPFL, Lausanne.

The Thomson TO7 is a home computer introduced by Thomson SA in November 1982.

The TO7 is built around a 1 MHz Motorola 6809 processor. ROM cartridges, designed as MEMO7, can be introduced through a memory bay. The user interface uses Microsoft BASIC, included in the kit cartridge. The keyboard features a plastic membrane, and further user input is obtained through a lightpen. Cooling is provided by a rear radiator. Standard TV screens can be used as output through a SCART (Peritel) connector.

An upgraded version, the Thomson TO7-70, was later released. Among improvements was an increased RAM of 48KB (64 KB including Video RAM) instead of 8KB (22 KB including video RAM). 70 stands for 64+6 (64KB RAM + 6KB ROM). The 6809 processor was replaced by a 6809E and the color palette was extended from 8 to 16 colors.