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Thomson TO8D.jpg
Thomson TO8D
Manufacturer Thomson SA
Release date 1986; 31 years ago (1986)
Introductory price 2,990 FF
CPU Motorola 6809E, 1 MHz
Memory 256 KB (512 KB max.) RAM
Graphics 160 x 200 (16 or 5 colors)
320 x 200 (2, 3, 4 or 16 colors)
640 x 200 (2 colors)
Sound generator + 1 bit D/A converter 6 bits
Predecessor Thomson TO7/70

The Thomson TO8 is a home computer introduced by French company Thomson SA in 1986.[1] It replaces its predecessor, the Thomson TO7/70 while remaining essentially compatible.

The new features of the TO8, like larger memory and better graphics modes, are shared with the other third generation computers (Thomson MO6 and TO9+). The TO8 has a tape drive and Microsoft BASIC 1.0 (both a standard and a 512 KB version) on its internal ROM, and there is optionally an external floppy drive.

An improved version, the Thomson TO8D, includes a built-in 3.5" floppy drive.



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