Thong Lo

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Thong Lo

Thong Lo (Thai: ทองหล่อ, RTGSThong Lo, pronounced [tʰɔ̄ːŋ lɔ̀ː]; also spelled Thong Lor), officially named Soi Sukhumvit 55, is a road and neighbourhood in Watthana District, Bangkok, Thailand. Thong Lo literally translates as 'molten gold'.[1] Its name comes from that of a naval officer, Thonglo Khamhiran, a member of the Khana Ratsadon (People's Party), a 1932 revolutionary group. He owned land and houses in the area. In pre-World War II Thailand, the area along Sukhumvit Road to the Bang Na District was suburban Bangkok and quasi-rural. Much of the area was occupied by the navy.[2]

Thong Lo runs from the Thong Lo BTS Station on Sukhumvit Road north to Phetchaburi Road. Originally housing car dealerships and dowdy shops, during the early-2000s it became increasingly trendy.[3][4] New boutiques, restaurants, and cocktail bars sprang up,[5] creating a demand for new condominiums in the area, partially driven by a significant Japanese expat community.[6] In 2017, to the dismay of many, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) cracked down on the neighbourhood's street food vendors.[7]



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13°43′57″N 100°34′56″E / 13.73248°N 100.58209°E / 13.73248; 100.58209

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