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Directed by K. S. Adhiyaman
Produced by M. Rajkumar
S. S. R. Thillainathan
P. Kaandeepan
Written by K. S. Adhiyaman (dialogues)
Screenplay by K. S. Adhiyaman
Story by K. S. Adhiyaman
Starring Shaam
Divya Spandana
Music by Abhishek Ray
Cinematography T. Kaviyarasu
Edited by V. M. Udhayashankar
Release date
  • 22 February 2008 (2008-02-22)
Country India
Language Tamil

Thoondil is a 2008 Tamil romantic drama film directed by K. S. Adhiyaman starring Shaam and Sandhya. The film opened to poor reviews.


The film tries to work on the old saying "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned". Divya (Divya Spandana) is an upcoming model in London who meets Sriram (Shaam), an IT guy and falls in love. They sleep together, but Sriram leaves her when Divya's boss tells him to stay out of her life if he wants to see her make it big. Divya feels betrayed when she finds out but does not know that her boss is the reason behind the split. Divya does achieve her dream and becomes a top model, but is on a revenge romp to wreak havoc in Sriram’s happily married life to Anjali (Sandhya). Anjali is a cheerful girl whose only sorrow in life is that she doesn't have a child, and when she finally has a baby after 4 years of marriage to Sriram, Divya comes into her life and takes the baby away, saying that that is her baby. What happens after that forms the climax of the movie.



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