Thoothukudi massacre

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Thoothukudi Massacre
Thoothukudi massacre is located in Tamil Nadu
Thoothukudi massacre
Location of Thoothukudi in India
LocationThoothukudi, Tamil Nadu
Coordinates8°47′03″N 78°05′57″E / 8.784117°N 78.099142°E / 8.784117; 78.099142Coordinates: 8°47′03″N 78°05′57″E / 8.784117°N 78.099142°E / 8.784117; 78.099142
Date22 May 2018 (UTC+5:30)
TargetProtesters of Sterlite Copper
Attack type
Mass shooting
WeaponsL1A1 SLR battle rifle[1][2]
Non-fatal injuries
PerpetratorsTamil Nadu Police & Paramilitary forces
Protesters in large numbers take out a march against the Sterlite copper plant on May 22, 2018.

The Thoothukudi massacre (also known as the Thoothukudi mass murder,[4], Tuticorin massacre[5] or Sterlite Protest Firing) took place on 22 May 2018 in Thoothukudi district, Tamil Nadu, India, When Tamil Nadu Police forces, some of them not wearing uniforms, fired into a crowd of 20,000 people.[6] The crowd had gathered to protest environmental pollution caused by a Sterlite Copper factory.[6]


Sporadic protests have occurred in Thoothukudi district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu since 1999, directed against the Sterlite Copper smelting works. The factory is owned by Vedanta Limited, a subsidiary of Vedanta Resources.[7] Protestors oppose soil, water and air contamination caused by the factory.[8] An epidemiological study carried out by Tirunelveli Medical College in 2006–07 had found increased prevalence of respiratory diseases and ear, nose and throat (ENT) morbidity in the 5 km radius of Sterlite Industries. Their report blamed this on air pollution caused by the industry and automobiles – such as trucks and heavy vehicles – plying in this area.[9]

Water in the area of the plant has been found to be 17–20 times the allowable limit, causing additional health problems for the population already experiencing higher than average incidence of respiratory diseases.[10] The plant is less than 15 Km from the Gulf of Mannar Biosphere Reserve. More than 2.5 lakh (250,000) people live in the vicinity of the plant.

The Sterlite factorty made headlines in 2013 when a gas leak led to the death of one person and injured several others.[6] The plant was blamed for health issues observed in the area related to gas leakage. Following a gas leak in March 2013, the then chief minister, the late J Jayalalithaa, ordered its closure. The company appealed to the National Green Tribunal, which overturned the government order. The state moved the Supreme Court against it, where the petition was still pending. The plant closed on March 27 of 2018, with the company citing a 15-day maintenance process.[6] The Supreme Court ordered the company to pay a 100-crore fine and the factory was temporarily shutdown by the pollution regulator.[11]

After Sterlite announced its plans to expand the plant, people around Kumarettiyapuram village protested for more than 100 days.[12] A major protest had been conducted peacefully till March 29, 2018.[13]


On May 22, 2018, thousands of people began to march to the district collector's office to submit a petition. An official release said 20,000 people took out a procession towards the district collectorate and the copper plant.[14] The police resorted to lathi charges against the protesters, some of whom allegedly started throwing stones at the collectorate.[15][16] Non-uniformed police started to shoot at the unarmed protesters using assault rifles, [17] and police opened fire from over the top of Vehicles using SLR Rifles.[18] Thirteen protesters were killed [19] including a 17-year old law student, and dozens were injured.[20][21]

FIRs filed in local police stations claimed that the order to shoot was issued by officers in the rank of deputy tahsildars. Some people pointed out that only Collectors have the authority to issue shooting orders.[22]

The Tamil Nadu government ordered a shutdown of Internet in the entire district of Tuticorin for five days after the massacre.[21]


  • Indian National Congress party president Rahul Gandhi described it as "state-sponsored terrorism".[23]
  • Vaiko and M.K.Stalin demanded investigations into the shootings.[24] Seeman condemned the massacre, and his political party held a rally in Tirunelveli condemning the shooting.[25]
  • National Human Rights Commission of India demanded investigation into the killings.[26] It asked its Director General (Investigation) to send a team headed by an SP to visit the spot and conduct an inquiry.[27]
  • Tamils and Tamil diaspora across the world including United States, Canada, Europe, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Australia held protests against the killing.
  • In support of the protests The UK's Opposition, Labour Party, has called for Vedanta to be delisted from the London Stock Exchange. John McDonnell, the UK's Shadow Chancellor, said removing Vedanta Resources from the London financial markets would prevent reputational damage from the "rogue" company which has been operating "illegal" mining concerns for years. "After the massacre of the protestors this week, regulators must now take action. Vedanta must be immediately delisted from the London Stock Exchange to remove its cloak of respectability, restore confidence in the governance of the Stock Exchange, and prevent further reputational damage to London's financial markets from this rogue corporation," McDonnell said in a statement .[28]


Actor and politician Rajinikanth received criticism for his statement on Thoothukudi massacre who went to receive negative responses from Tamilians for his comments on the protests. He said "anti-social elements" in the crowd had to be "dealt with an iron hand" and also stated that Tamil Nadu will become a graveyard if the people of the state continue to protest.[29][30] Also, his anger reaction on media was criticized and his statements were brought negative impact on social media.[31][32] Following his controversial statements regarding the Thoothukudi shooting scandal, the Tamil activist groups in Norway and Switzerland banned the release of Rajinikanth's Kaala in Norway and Switzerland by the scheduled world wide release date as of 7 June.[33][34][35] The Tamil diaspora groups in Norway and Switzerland announced that they would not release the films of actors in the future who deliberately hurt the feelings and attitudes of Tamil people following the comments from Rajinikanth on Tamils.[36] However, the ban was later on lifted and the film was released with a week delay resp. a day before the scheduled worldwide release in Switzerland and Norway, respectively.[37][38]

Government response[edit]

On 28 May 2018, the Sterlite factory was sealed by an order of the Tamil Nadu Environmental pollutions and Forests Department.[39] The next day, Tamil Nadu's State Industries Promotion Corporation (SIPCOT) announced that it would take back 342.22 acres of land that it had given for expansion of the facility.[27] Many leaders including M.K.Stalin, Seeman and Anbumani Ramadoss criticised the sealing order, saying that it would not stand up to legal scrutiny since the government had given no reason for shutting down the factory.[40][41]

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