Thor Eisentrager

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Thor Eisentrager
Born February 1958
Genres Noise rock, punk blues
Occupation(s) Musician
Instruments Guitar
Years active 1986–98
Labels Treehouse Records, Amphetamine Reptile
Associated acts Cows

Thor Eisentrager is a founding member and former guitarist for the Minneapolis-based Noise rock-outfit, the Cows. After the release of the Cows's ninth album, Sorry in Pig Minor, Thor announced that he had grown tired of touring and left the band. The remaining members disbanded shortly thereafter.[1][2] He is currently retired from the music business and works as the assistant director of security for the Minneapolis Institute of Art.[3]

Musical style and influence[edit]

His approach to guitar playing has been noted as adding to the band's diverse sound. His style was also described as sounding as if he "played with metal files."[4] Unlike the other members of the Cows, Thor was mostly influenced by the Blues, favoring such artists as Muddy Waters and The Rolling Stones. He was also known to bring hand-written notation into band practice.[5]


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