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Transperth Thornlie Train Station.jpg
Station front in August 2005
Location Spencer Road, Thornlie
Coordinates 32°02′50″S 115°57′09″E / 32.047124°S 115.952507°E / -32.047124; 115.952507Coordinates: 32°02′50″S 115°57′09″E / 32.047124°S 115.952507°E / -32.047124; 115.952507
Owned by Public Transport Authority
Operated by Transperth
Line(s)       Thornlie
Distance 17.0 kilometres from Perth
Platforms 2 side
Tracks 2
Bus routes 9
Bus stands 5
Structure type Ground
Disabled access Yes
Other information
Station code ATE
99103 (platform 1)
99104 (platform 2)
Fare zone 2
Opened 7 August 2005
Electrified Yes
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towards Perth
Thornlie Line Terminus

Thornlie railway station is a railway station on the Transperth network. It is the terminus of the Thornlie spur of the Armadale line, seventeen kilometres from Perth station serving the suburb of Thornlie.


In December 1999, leglislation was tabled by the Government of Western Australia to build the Southern Suburbs Railway from a junction with the Armadale line east of Beckenham station passing beneath the Albany Highway, Roe Highway and Kwinana freight line via the Kewdale Tunnel, then paralleling the freight line south to Jandakot before continuing via the median strip of the Kwinana Freeway.

However, in 2002, the Southern Suburbs Railway (Mandurah line) was altered to operate via a more direct route to Perth.[1] By this stage the first part of the Kenwick Tunnel had been built.[2]

To justify the completion of Kenwick Tunnel and other infrastructure, the route was converted into a short spur line to Thornlie.[3][4]

Provision was made for the line to be extended south to join the Mandurah line at Cockburn Central. The spur and Thornlie station opened on 7 August 2005.[5][6]


Thornlie station is served by Transperth Thornlie line services.[7]


[2603] Thornlie station platforms
Stop Platform Line Stopping pattern Destination Notes
99103 1 Thornlie T Perth Only used when there are delays or on special occasions
99104 2 Thornlie T Perth

Bus routes[edit]

Stop Route Destination / description Notes
[22739] Stand 1 206 to Cannington station via Spencer Road & Langford Avenue[8]
[22740] Stand 2 930 to Elizabeth Quay Bus Station via Westfield Carousel, Albany Highway & St Georges Terrace
908 Rail replacement service to Perth station
[22741] Stand 3 206 to Murdoch University via Fraser Road North, Livingston & Murdoch station[8]
207 to Murdoch University via Nicholson Road, Livingston & Murdoch station[9]
223 to Thornlie via Towncentre Drive[10]
[22742] Stand 4 210 to Gosnells station via Fremantle Road[11]
211 to Gosnells station via Dorothy Street[12]
212 to Southern River via Forest Lakes Drive, Huntingdale Road, Harpenden Street, Garden Street & Warton Road[13]
[22743] Stand 5 228 to Gosnells station via Thornlie Avenue, Maddington station & Westfield Street[14]
517 to Murdoch station via Spencer Road, Balfour Street & Furley Road[15]


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