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Transperth TrainsList of Perth railway stations
Transperth Thornlie Train Station.jpg
Thornlie Line
Street Spencer Road
Suburb Langford, Thornlie
Distance from Perth 17 km (10.6 mi)
General information
Station code ATE
Fare zone 2
Station design
Number of platforms 2
Platform architecture 2 side
Station structure Closed Station
Access by Main Entrance
Train transfer No
Bus transfer Yes
Total number of bus stands 5
Total number of bus routes 8
Transit guard booth Yes
Park 'n' Ride Yes
Lock 'n' Ride Yes, also Pay 'n' Display
Lifts 0
Escalators 0
Add Value Machines Yes
Public telephones Yes
Public toilets Yes
A Transperth train at Thornlie, preparing to head back to Perth

Thornlie Railway Station is a Transperth railway station 17 km from Perth railway station, in Western Australia, on a spur line of the Armadale line. The station was officially opened on 7 August 2005, and normal train and bus services started the following day.

From Perth, the branch route starts from Cannington, bypasses Beckenham, and then switches to a central track which then travels underneath the Albany Highway-Roe Highway flyover. The tracks then returns to ground level and runs parallel to the freight lines until it reaches the station.

The station was designed to be compatible with an extension of the line, with most speculation that this will occur after the Southern Suburbs Railway and the New MetroRail project is completed. The possible extension of the Thornlie line may travel to Canning Vale and join the Mandurah line at Cockburn Central.[citation needed]


This segment was originally part of the proposed Southern Suburbs Railway planned in 1999. However, an alternative route was announced by the Government in 2002. To justify the completion of Kenwick Tunnel and other infrastructure, the route was converted into a short spur line. Only one side of the tunnel is currently used, however it can be used on occasion.


Stop no. Platform Line Stopping pattern Destination Notes
[2603] Thornlie station platforms
99103 Transperth platform 1B.svg Thornlie T Perth Used only during peak time congestion and other delays.
99104 Transperth platform 2B.svg Thornlie T Perth

Bus routes[edit]

Route Number Destination / Description
[22739] Stand 1
    206 to Cannington Station via Spencer Road and Langford Avenue
[22740] Stand 2
    210, 211, 212 to Esplanade Busport via Westfield Carousel, Albany Highway and St Georges Terrace
    908 Train Replacement Service to Perth
[22741] Stand 3
    206 to Murdoch University via Fraser Road North, Livingston and Murdoch Station
    207 to Murdoch University via Nicholson Road, Livingston and Murdoch Station
    223 to Thornlie via Towncentre Drive
[22742] Stand 4
    210 to Gosnells Station via Fremantle Road
    211 to Gosnells Station via Dorothy Street
    212 to Southern River via Forest Lakes Drive, Huntingdale Road, Harpenden Street, Garden Street and Warton Road
[22743] Stand 5
    517 to Murdoch Station via Spencer Road, Balfour Street and Furley Road
    228 to Gosnells Station via Maddington Station and Westfield Street

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