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Country Scotland
Areas of Scotland South Lanarkshire
Population (2008)
 • Total 3,000

Thorntonhall (Scots: Thorntounhauch, Scottish Gaelic: Dail Bhaile Dhealgaiche)[1] is a village in South Lanarkshire, Scotland. The village lies just east the boundary with East Renfrewshire, close to Waterfoot and Jackton. It is West of East Kilbride, and North of Eaglesham. It is served by its own railway station. Since 2000, the population has doubled to an estimated 3,000, and is expected to rise as more homes are continuing to be built.


Thorntonhall has a history reflecting the social changes of the last 400 years and in particular the last 120 years. It was originally just a farm that had added to it some major buildings. The then 'hall' was bought and greatly improved by a grocer called Cooper who had shops throughout the west of Scotland. Another grand house was built at Ravenscroft, again on a small hilltop. These two and the railway station were probably the catalyst for a great plan to build a mini-Edinburgh-style suburb of crescents and avenues. Only three houses were completed before the outbreak of World War I halted further development.[citation needed]

Before and during World War II Thorntonhall was one of the sites selected for relocation of government departments to avoid bombing raids.[citation needed] After the war it became part of the East Kilbride New town and this led to the construction of a large number of individual houses in this free standing village. That relative isolation led to a Upper Class housing development on a small scale throughout the period 1970 to 2000. This situation and the fact that there are no Council Houses may be why the proportion of millionaires in Thorntonhall is the highest of any town or village in Scotland. In 2011, a street in Thorntonhall (Bowmore Crescent) was identified as having the most expensive average house prices within the Scottish property market, with an average house price of £908,000.[2]


The population of Thorntonhall is estimated, as of 2008, at 3,000. The majority of Thortonhalls' residents own their own property, and annual incomes are well above average.[citation needed]

Country Club[edit]

Thorntonhall has a Country Club which is located in the centre of the village. The Clubhouse itself has catering facilities, a dining room and a members' lounge.[citation needed]


There is an hourly Train service to Glasgow Central on the East Kilbride line that departs from Thorntonhall railway station.

Notable residents[edit]


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