Thorold Co-generation Plant

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Thorold Co-generation Plant
Location Thorold, Ontario
Status In Operation
Owner(s) Northland Power
Thermal power station
Primary fuel Natural Gas
Type Gas turbine
Power generation
Nameplate capacity 236 MW

Thorold Co-generation Plant is a natural gas-fired station owned by Northland Power, brought into operation on March 28, 2010. The plant also supplied steam to the nearby AbitibiBowater paper mill. Power is produced under contract to the Ontario Power Authority.[1]


The Power Station consists of one 170 MW gas turbine, supplied by General Electric, that in a combined cycle configuration also generates steam for a steam turbine, resulting in a combined total of 236 MW. The plant uses both natural gas and landfill gas.[2]


In addition to power generation, the Thorold Plant includes two Natural Gas/Waste Gas fired boilers which will provide necessary steam to the paper mill when the Gas Turbine is not in service,.

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Coordinates: 43°06′25″N 79°11′55″W / 43.10694°N 79.19861°W / 43.10694; -79.19861