Thorold Tunnel

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Thorold Tunnel.
Thorold Tunnel.

The Thorold Tunnel, located in Thorold, Ontario, Canada, is an underwater tunnel, carrying Highway 58 underneath the Welland Canal. Built between 1965 and 1967, the tunnel is 840 metres in length. It consists of two separate tubes, each two lanes wide. The westbound side has a sidewalk for pedestrians.

It is one of three tunnels under the Welland Canal (the other two being Main Street Tunnel and Townline Tunnel in Welland), and the only one constructed after the waterway opened.

This tunnel also had its concrete poured during the winter months of the year, which led to over-expansion of the concrete, resulting in some cracks in the concrete. Extensive work has been done to correct this issue during the summer months of the year, closing half the tunnel down, diverting traffic to the other tube, reducing traffic to one lane.

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Coordinates: 43°06′57″N 79°11′39″W / 43.11580°N 79.19409°W / 43.11580; -79.19409