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Thorpe Thewles is a village that lies near the A177 road between Stockton-on-Tees and Sedgefield in Teesside.

Origin of the name[edit]

Thorpe is of Danish extraction and means farm, Thorp, and Thewles was likely the name of a family that possessed land here in the Middle Ages: the earliest occurrence of the full name is 'Thorpp' Thewles' in 1265. The surname Thewles probably comes from the Old English theawleas 'immoral', though the meaning of the placename is the Farm of the Thewles Family rather than, as sometimes reported, the Immoral Farm. The name has been confused as North Pewles when in translation.


The village is currently made up of 182 households and a total population of 477 people. The village has a small children's play area, two public houses (the Vane Arms and the Hamilton Russell), a church (St James' Church) and a Parish hall. There is a planetarium, walkway and restaurant at Castle Eden Walkway, the site of the former Thorpe Thewles railway station of the former Castle Eden Railway

Historically, Thorpe Thewles was originally settled in 1692 with only two farmhouses and has grown to have more than 182 households today.


Thorpe Thewles is located within the Borough of Stockton-on-Tees in the Northern Parishes Ward and the Stockton North constituency. The Member of the UK Parliament for Thorpe Thewles is Alex Cunningham and the local councilor for Thorpe Thewles is John Gardner. Because Thorpe Thewles is a civil parish, there is an elected Parish Council that meets to discuss matters relating to Thorpe Thewles on a regular basis.


Coordinates: 54°36′N 1°23′W / 54.600°N 1.383°W / 54.600; -1.383