Thorsten Hohmann

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Thorsten Hohmann
Thorsten Hohmann4.jpg
Born (1979-07-14) July 14, 1979 (age 38)
Fulda, West Germany
Sport country  Germany
Nickname The Hitman
Career winnings US$658,800 (estimated, as of early 2007)

Thorsten Hohmann (born 14 July 1979 in Fulda, West Germany) is a German professional pool player, nicknamed "the Hitman."

Early life[edit]

Thorsten was born and raised in Fulda, Germany and at a very young age had always been interested in sports, playing football, table tennis and badminton. At the age of nine Thorsten's father took him to a local pool hall. On his 10th birthday Thorsten received a miniature pool table. By age twelve Thorsten and a friend began playing pool at a local pool hall. By age 16 he had won his first open adult tournament, of 128 players in the state of Hessia.[1]

Europe-based career[edit]

Hohmann first made a name for himself in 2003 by winning the WPA World Nine-ball Championship in Cardiff, at the expense of Alex Pagulayan, 17–10, becoming the third German to become World Champion after Oliver Ortmann (1995) and Ralf Souquet (1996).

Months later, reached the finals of the World Pool League but lost to Rodney Morris, 8–3.[2]

US-based career[edit]

In 2004, Hohmann signed on to be managed by US- and South Korea-based event promotions company Dragon Promotions, who transplanted the German-resident champion to Jacksonville, Florida, as a base of practice and preparation for US competitions. Hohmann then signed with Florida-based sponsors Lucasi Cues and Universal Smartshaft as their official representative and spokesperson. He remains a German citizen, but a US permanent resident. Thorsten has since been featured on the cover of many pool magazines.[clarification needed]

In 2004, Hohmann reached the finals of the US Open Nine-ball Championship. However, he lost to Gabe Owen, 3–11.

The year 2005 was his most successful to date as he dominated a number of tournaments, including the BCA Open Nine-ball Championship, the Sudden Death Seven-ball event[3] and the World Pool League.[4]

In 2006, he won the inaugural World Straight Pool Championship[5] by defeating Thomas Engert 200–80. Later, he defeated Marlon Manalo 8-7 to win the IPT North American Open Eight-ball Championship with a first prize of US$350K.[6] The IPT prize set a record as the largest first prize ever won in a pool tournament at that time. However, Efren Reyes beat the record shortly afterwards winning $500,000 in the 2006 IPT World Open Eight-ball Championship, the second major IPT event. But because IPT had financial difficulties, 200 players including Reyes were not able to collect their money thus Hohmann is still on record as the biggest purse winner in billiards history to actually get paid, as of early 2007.


  • 2015 World 14.1 Tournament Champion
  • 2015 Archer Cup Champion
  • 2014 Champion of Champions
  • 2014 Manny Pacquiao Cup Champion
  • 2014 WPBL Bonus Ball Champion
  • 2013 World 14.1 Tournament Champion
  • 2013 WPA World Nine-ball Championship
  • 2013 Maryland 14.1 Challenge Champion
  • 2011 World Cup of Pool Champion
  • 2011 World 14.1 Tournament Champion
  • 2011 Philippine Open Champion
  • 2010 All Japan Championships Champion
  • 2009 China Open Champion
  • 2008 Asian 10-Ball Champion
  • 2008 Accu-Stats 14.1 Invitational
  • 2008 Lucasi Hybrid 14.1 Champion
  • 2007 European 9-Ball Champion
  • 2006 IPT North American Open 8-Ball Champion
  • 2006 World 14.1 Champion
  • 2005 Silver Medal World Games
  • 2005 World Pool League Champion
  • 2005 Sudden Death 7-Ball Champion
  • 2005 BCA Open 9-Ball Championship
  • 2004 German 9-Ball Champion
  • 2003 German 14.1 Champion
  • 2003 WPA World Nine-ball Championship
  • 2003 New Jersey State 14.1 Champion
  • 2003 German 9-Ball Champion

Personal life[edit]

Thorsten spends most of his time traveling the world, but lives in Jacksonville, Florida.


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Preceded by
Earl Strickland
WPA Men's World Nine-ball Champion
Succeeded by
Alex Pagulayan
Inaugural champion World Straight Pool Champion
Succeeded by
Oliver Ortmann
Preceded by
Darren Appleton
WPA Men's World Nine-ball Champion
Succeeded by
Niels Feijen