Those People

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Those People
Those People film poster.png
Directed by Joey Kuhn
Produced by Joey Kuhn
Kimberly Parker
Sarah Perlman Bremner
Written by Joey Kuhn
Story by Joey Kuhn
Grainne O'Hara Belluomo
Starring Jonathan Gordon
Jason Ralph
Haaz Sleiman
Britt Lower
Meghann Fahy
Chris Conroy
Max Jenkins
Allison Mackie
Daniel Gerroll
Tamara Torres
Music by Adam Crystal
Cinematography Leonardo D'Antoni
Edited by Sara Shaw
Little Big Horn Films
Distributed by Wolfe Video
Release date
  • May 16, 2015 (2015-05-16) (Seattle)
Running time
89 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Those People is a 2015 American romantic drama film, written and directed by Joey Kuhn and starring Jonathan Gordon, Jason Ralph and Haaz Sleiman.[1] The cast also includes Britt Lower, Meghann Fahy, Chris Conroy, Allison Mackie, and Max Jenkins.

Those People was released theatrically in New York City and Los Angeles in May 2016. The film was nominated for Outstanding Film – Limited Release at the 28th GLAAD Media Awards in 2017.[2]

Kuhn has described the film as having been inspired by his own experience falling in love with his best friend at college, as well as by his fascination with the story of Bernie Madoff's son Mark, who committed suicide two years after his father's arrest.[3]

During its festival run, the film won the Audience Award for Outstanding Feature Film at the 2015 NewFest: New York Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender Film Festival,[4] as well as the Audience Award for Best First US Dramatic Feature at the 2015 Outfest Film Festival.[5]


Charlie (Jonathan Gordon), a young art student from New York, is asked by his best friend Sebastian (Jason Ralph) to move into his apartment as he deals with depression and public scorn following his wealthy financier father Dick's (Daniel Gerroll) arrest on high-profile white-collar criminal charges. Charlie's mother thinks this is a bad idea due to long-standing one-sided romantic feelings he has for Sebastian. On a night out with Sebastian and a wider group of friends Charlie meets Lebanon-born bar-pianist Tim (Haaz Sleiman). The two have chemistry, but Sebastian is refused service at the bar because of his father, which causes the group to abruptly leave. On their way back to Sebastian's apartment they are chased by paparazzi. The events of the night worsen Sebastian's depression.

Charlie and a couple of their friends attend a concert and notice Tim is the pianist. After the show, Charlie and Tim spend the night together talking and share a kiss, beginning a relationship leading Charlie to begin neglecting Sebastian. Tim soon professes love for Charlie, but sensing Charlie is holding back on account of his feelings for Sebastian breaks up with him. At a Halloween party Charlie is depressed at his break-up but makes a pass at Sebastian, who laughs. Later that night Sebastian has brought a date home, which upsets Charlie who professes his feelings. They begin a threesome encounter at the date's suggestion, but Sebastian storms out and Charlie tells the date to leave. Sebastian rejects Charlie, saying it would ruin their friendship. Charlie moves out and reunites with Tim.

Tim is offered a dream job as pianist for a San Francisco orchestra, which would require a move he asks Charlie to also take. Sebastian visits his father in jail, and he tells him to continue his crimes which causes Sebastian to disown his father after an argument. His father hangs himself in his cell. Charlie struggles to break the news of his leaving New York to Sebastian at a tense dinner with their friends and Tim. The news causes Sebastian to stand on his apartment balcony prepared to jump. Charlie talks him down but Tim breaks up with him again, believing he'll always come second. Sebastian moves in with Charlie and his mother and begins to slowly recover. On the eve of Tim's departure for San Francisco he and Charlie spend one more night and part on sad but good terms after Sebastian calls him. Some time later Sebastian is preparing to leave New York for a fresh start, and the film ends with one more friends gathering as Sebastian and Charlie toast to their friendship with the rest of the group.


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