Those Scurvy Rascals

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Those Scurvy Rascals
Created by Blue-Zoo Productions
Starring Nick Mercer (all voices)
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of episodes 26
Running time 3.5 minutes (approx. per episode)
Original network Nickelodeon UK
Original release May 2005

Those Scurvy Rascals is a children's animated series following the adventures of three underwear obsessed pirates. First aired by Nickelodeon UK in May 2005, it is now broadcast worldwide. The main characters Sissy Le Poop (called Jolly Roger in some versions), Smelly Pete and Shark Bait (plus Polly the Parrot) all live on the ship called "The Soiled Pair" and go on a different random adventure in every episode. The series was developed and produced by Blue-Zoo Productions and is owned by Entara.

The opening sequence features their ship and the names of the characters. The theme song is as follows:

They sail upon the ocean from Jamaica to Penzance,
but they don't want gold and they don't want treasure,
they only want your pants!
pants on the poop deck,
pants in the hold,
pants in the chest where there should be gold,
pants in the crows nest,
pants at sea,
and a big pair of pants where the sail should be-
those scurvy rascals!


  1. Pilot: Pant Island (2005)
  2. Pants Odyssey (2005)
  3. Pet Pants (2005)
  4. Pantartica (2005)
  5. The Great Pantcreas Operation (2005)
  6. Scaredy Pants (2005)
  7. Under Water Pants (2006)
  8. Raiders of the Lost Pants (2006)
  9. Mail Pants (2006)
  10. Super Pants (2006)
  11. Dr Pete & Mr Hyde (2006)
  12. Robot Pants (2006)
  13. Mama Bait (2006)
  14. Fist Full of Pants (2006)
  15. Miner Pants (2006)
  16. Pirate Pant Pasty (2006)
  17. 1001 Arabian Pants (2006)
  18. Sumo Pants (2006)
  19. Jurassic Pants (2006)
  20. Panties Are Forever (2006)
  21. Princess and the Pants (2006)
  22. Panties on Parade (2006)
  23. Gorilla Circus (2006)
  24. Pantium 3000 (2006)
  25. Lochness Pantster (2006)
  26. Pantcake Day's (2006)


  • BAFTA nomination (2006) for Best Children's Animation
  • British Animation Award (2006) for Best Children's Series
  • British Animation Award (2006) for Children's Choice Award


  • Daniel Isman: Executive Producer
  • Oli Hyatt: Producer & Director
  • Adam Shaw: Producer & Director
  • Tom Box: Associate Producer
  • Nick Mercer: Voices
  • Tamborine: Sound
  • Bill Ledger: Character Design
  • Ben Lee-Delisle: Music
  • Simon A. Brown: Writer
  • Andrew Dawson: Writer
  • Steve Dawson: Writer
  • Peter Devonald: Writer
  • Tim Inman: Writer
  • Ian Powell : Writer
  • Dan Wicksman: Writer

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