Those Who Make Tomorrow

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Those Who Make Tomorrow
Directed byAkira Kurosawa
Hideo Sekigawa
Kajiro Yamamoto
Produced byKeiji Matsuzaki
Sojiro Motoki
Ryo Takei
Tomoyuki Tanaka
Written byYusaku Yamagata
Kajiro Yamamoto
StarringSusumu Fujita,
Hideko Takamine
Music byNoboru Ito
CinematographyTakeo Ito
Taiichi Kankura
Mitsuo Miura
Distributed byToho Company Ltd.
Release date
Running time
82 minutes

Those Who Make Tomorrow (明日を作る人々, Asu o tsukuru hitobito) is a 1946 film written by Yusaku Yamagata and Kajiro Yamamoto and directed by Akira Kurosawa, Hideo Sekigawa and Kajiro Yamamoto. Kurosawa would later leave the film out of his credits.[citation needed]


Two sisters, Chieko Nakakita as the elder and Mitsue Tachibana as the younger sister, one a dancer and the other a script supervisor at a big movie studio, become embroiled in union activities when a strike is called in sympathy with striking railroad workers, one of whom boards with the sisters and their parents. The girls' father argues with them about their strike, but finds his views changing when he himself loses his job.


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