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Korn thoughtless.jpg
Single by Korn
from the album Untouchables
Released July 15, 2002
Format 7", CD, DVD
Recorded 2002
Genre Nu metal
Length 4:33
Label Epic
Songwriter(s) Reginald Arvizu, Jonathan Davis, James Shaffer, David Silveria, Brian Welch
Producer(s) Michael Beinhorn
Korn singles chronology
"Here to Stay"
"Alone I Break"
"Here to Stay"
"Alone I Break"

"Thoughtless" is a song written by American nu metal band Korn for their fifth studio album, Untouchables. "Thoughtless" was released as the album's second single in July 2002. The single charted at 11 on the US Alternative chart, and at 37 on the UK main chart.


"Thoughtless" is about the Columbine High School shooting through the eyes of the murderers. Jonathan Davis, the vocalist of Korn, said that "Thoughtless" is "a song about people who are constantly ridiculed and the collateral damage it can cause".[1]

Live performance[edit]

This song was introduced to fans during a live show at the Hammerstein Ballroom, in NYC on June 10, 2002, which celebrated the release of the band's fifth album, Untouchables. This performance appears on the DVD release entitled Live. "Thoughtless" has been played during the Untouchables promotional tour, in 2002, but it was scrapped from the band's set list one year later. It eventually returned in 2006 on the See You on the Other Side World Tour as a part of a medley. The full song was played at the 2006 Family Values Tour and the Escape from the Studio Tour. It has most recently been performed within a medley at the Music as a Weapon V tour. The song was well received.

Music video[edit]

In the beginning, a high-school aged boy (who is revealed to be called Floyd Louis Cifer in a yearbook) (portrayed by Aaron Paul, who was 22 at the time) is walking through the hallways of his school. Four girls are teasing and looking at him in disgust. A group of jocks on the other side of the hallway attack and give him dirty looks. In the next scene, Floyd is in his science class drawing strange pictures in his notebook. Song titles from Untouchables can also be seen. He then goes to the pool to swim. However, the jocks find Floyd there and begin bothering him. After that, he's in the locker room wrapped in a towel and is seen increasingly agitated. We then see Floyd in his room looking at a yearbook. Floyd throws the yearbook at his window and looks in the phone book for a service which says "Fantasy Escorts." He calls the service and shows up at his prom with a woman (portrayed by Aimee Sweet). He vomits on everyone who had bullied him and gets his revenge. Korn performs inside his mind throughout the video. Aaron Paul's character's name appears in his yearbook as "Floyd", which was the working title for "Thoughtless" on the unmastered, leaked version of Untouchables.

There are also two other versions of the video. The "performance version" that only shows Korn performing the song in the room featured in the original video and the "uncut version"; where rather than puking on the bullies at his prom, the character shoots them all.

Evanescence cover[edit]

The song has been covered by band Evanescence, both on tour and for the 2004 live album Anywhere but Home, with a different intro that features piano arrangements. Lead singer Amy Lee said to the crowd at the beginning of the performance, "We're going to do something completely different now. This is by a band that we all like very much. I'm not even going to announce it; you ought to know what this is." .

Track listing[edit]

Enhanced Maxi CD Single

  1. "Thoughtless – 4:32
  2. "Thoughtless (D Cooley Remix featuring DJ Z-Trip) – 3:52
  3. "Thoughtless (Dante Ross remix) – 4:21
  4. "Here to Stay (Tone Toven and Sleep remix) – 3:28
  5. "Here to Stay (Remixed by Mindless Self Indulgence) – 3:45
  6. "Thoughtless (video) – 4:32

DVD Single

  1. "Thoughtless" (video) - 4:32

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